7 Painting Business Tips Every House Painting Contractor Needs to Know

Hi, Lee Cusano here from How To Paint Like A Pro…

As a house painting contractor, if you have seen any of my other videos, you have heard these following tips before. But anything worthwhile mentioning is worth repeating. So here are 7 painting business tips that every “house painting contractor” needs to know.

1.) You must know how to find painting customers. This is the heart of your painting business. No painting customers means no steak and pizza on Friday night. No happy wife, no happy life. No customers means you’re “outta business” unemployed. When you know how to fish, you can eat for a lifetime.

2.) You must know how to estimate interior and exterior painting jobs. If you have eaten a few painting jobs, you may have noticed that the customer was happy but you weren’t. And if you think giving them a good deal will make them loyal, think again. They will throw you to the wolves during the holidays.

Charge them up the ying-yang and keep their respect and you keep your posture as a house painting contractor and as head of your home.

3.) You must know how much a painting customer is worth to your painting business – maybe you have exhausted the work you do for a particular customer. A wise house painting contractor will look for ways to get referrals out of those now dormant painting customers. After all, “painting referrals” are by far, better leads than ANYTHING other kind you could ever get!

4.) Make sure your painting customers have your contact information. You can do this with Christmas cards, thank you cards, a monthly newsletter, etc. The idea is not to lose out on some big paying paint jobs from them or through them! It could mean losing out on thousands and thousands of future dollars!

5.) Use the BEST quality, name brand paints and primers. Your customers DO notice what paint you use and they do TALK! Also, using the best paints and primers make your jobs go a lot easier with less work and they look better in the end! Unless it’s a rental property, use a name brand you can be proud of in paint.

HINT: always buy your brushes, paints, primers and caulks, rollers, etc. from a professional paint store where other professional house painting contractors go.

6.) Do good work. “Word-of-mouth” is THE most powerful form of advertising there is. It can either work for you or against you. When my painting customers refer me to others, it’s a sure thing unless the price is too high for them. If you get in the right circles though, they all have money and can afford your services!

7.) Be honest and never talk behind your customer’s backs. They will sense it if you are dishonest or a backbiter. Regard your painting customers as “friends” because that is exactly what they are. They keep poverty away from you and your loved ones. So that makes them worthy friends for life. Sure, some of them you won’t like as well as others, but you still owe them your respect. It’s professional.

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