Chandler Painting Company We are residential and commercial painting contractors serving Chandler at an affordable price, free estimates. Interior and exterior house painters.

Painting Company provides high quality workmanship from the start. Beginning with the production phase and special attention to customer care. We work together with you as a team to complete the project and make the customer happy. Communication is an essential component – communication with home builder superintendents, trade superintendents, and home owners. We do whatever is necessary to eliminate any issues that may come up – before they come up. Call for free painting estimates.

Painting contractors take pride in paying attention to little things, whether the job is commercial or residential. We have established special procedures in our stages of production:

•Checking framing before hanging sheet-rock
•Marking floors for light boxes, medicine cabinets or any cut out areas
•Cut out of areas that have straps, pipes or any objects, to eliminate bulges or crooked lines
•Masking off fire places
•Caulking corners in living area, if necessary
•Exposed concrete areas are covered – such as garage floors, patios & porches
•Sweeping, trash & nail pick up
•Tubs completely cleaned out
•Pre-paint touch-up

To insure eliminating problems our Painting Company uses some of the following methods to achieve excellence: •Extra strength ceiling board with reinforced edges – this drastically reduces ridging, beading and sagging
•All Sheetrock is secured with screws
•5/8″ Sheetrock may be used on interior ceilings more prone to movement
•A double layer of texture may be added to alleviate any photographing that may occur

Wood finishes face many elements that attempt to destroy them. The sun is the most damaging. Ultra Violet Radiation breaks down the surface layer of the cell wall material; the first sign of this deterioration is “Graying” of the wood. Wood also faces a constant wet-dry cycle, swelling when wet and shrinking when dry. The heat of the summer, and cold temperatures of the winter also contribute to this damage. The result of these conditions is usually cracking and splitting of the wood. Debris between the spaces of boards prevents water run-off, thus allowing for mold, mildew and other wood rotting fungi to further destroy the wood.

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