Everyone is so worried about estimating, but you don’t need to worry!

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The biggest question I get is about estimating – and it’s my most popular video. But you don’t need to worry about how to estimate. Only 2 things can happen if you are not correct with your estimating….
#1 – You bid the job too high. If this happens, the customer will tell you that it’s too high and you will learn from it and adjust your bid.
#2 – You bid the job too low. If you bid a job CORRECTLY for ,000, you can hire someone to paint it for ,500. So if you bid the job too low… like ,500 too low… you still won’t even lose money.

And you will definitely learn your lesson!

So what is more important, is sales. If you aren’t good at sales, you won’t ever sell a job for the CORRECT price… You will need to be a low bidder, which won’t make you money.

The lesson? Don’t worry so much about estimating… focus on sales!!