What Does It Cost To Paint My Property in Spring TX

Homeowner’s and business property owners wondering how they calculate the surface area of what they want painted so they know how much paint to buy from the local paint store? A gallon of paint will a lot of times cover 200 to 300 square feet.

Be sure to check the specification provided on the can of paint you are considering buying for your project. You’re gonna want to calculate your wall space like that. If you’re inside painting a normal size room is gonna need a gallon of paint.

On an exterior house. Say 1,500 square feet. You will need a maximum amount of 15 gallons of paint. Check with your local painting contractor because they’ll know exactly how to calculate how much paint will be needed to paint the interior and exterior of your home or building.

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If you have more questions on painting your home or office facility. Give Spring Painters a call. We will be glad to address your questions on your next painting project in the Houston area.