Raul Silva provides house painting services for Spring residents. He agrees with the information provided in this video about how bidding is an art. The painting professional in this YouTube talks about what types of house painter commitments need to be made and discussed. Figuring out how long the project is going to take from sand, prime and patch a wall for example. You figure that out over time with experience.

Ask your contractor if they plan to start the job and stay on it until it is completed. In other words, you want to know up front if the company is in a habit of starting a job. Then leaving it to go start another job. Only to return to your job days or weeks later to complete the work.

It Is A Challenge For Homeowner’s To Get Everyone On The Same Page

You really need to get their commitment to do that and have it spelled out in the written agreement. Make sure you get a written bid with the break down of the cost of the bid. That way there is no surprises after the job starts. Be careful to thoroughly read the painting bid.

The Most Time Consuming Part of Any Painting Job is the Prep Work

The most time consuming part of the painters job is preparing the area for the paint work. The painter can spend 60-70 percent of his labor on paint prep work. Making sure the surface is ready to be painted. Getting the walls and everything within the customers home ready for paint. That includes putting drop cloth down and taping off areas of the home that you need too. Keeping the dust out of the rest of the house by sealing off doors and entry areas. Filling nail holes and sanding the walls and other surfaces properly. This all takes time and labor, which add up on the total bid price.

On a $1,000 dollar job. The contractor can end up spending $600 to $700 just in labor getting the area ready for paint. Professional painting companies spend adequate time ensuring the surface in the room is properly prepared for paint. The prep work takes more time than the actual painting process but it is just as important to the overall quality of the work to be completed.

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