Painting aluminum windows. How to restore your faded & oxidized aluminum windows from the Idaho Painters. Make your old windows look new again by painting them. The process of masking, sanding, dusting, and painting the metal windows. An easy process anyone can do. Simple & easy steps that cost little money. DIY tips painting windows for a Handyman or home improvement specialists.

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The paints and products I use right here:

Rustoleum bronze spray paiint:
Rustoleum gloss black spary paint:
Rustoleum high performance:
3M M3000 Hand Masker:
Frog Tape 1”:
3M 2020 painters tape:
3M 72″ masking film:
9″ masking paper:
Snap knife box cutter:
Xtend Climb Ladder 15.5’ :

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I created The Idaho Painter an alternative to to big box DIY video shows that have actors who only act like they can paint but really can barely act. My mission is to shatter the barriers of entry into painting and convince people that it can be a lot of fun painting and painting fun little projects on your own without an expensive professional painter. No experience is necessary.

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