In this video I didn’t mention insurance. This is one other thing you’ll need to get set up when establishing your company. It’ll cost less than 0/month and is easy to set up.

Here is a link to the page where you can download our Business Launch Checklist:

In this video, we review an overview on how to start your painting company in 2018. First, you need to get the business set up and established.

Then it’s all about running the business and getting your first customer. Once you do that once, do it again… and again and again.

Marketing — get estimates setup.
Sales — turn those estimates into paying customers.
Production — hiring good painters to paint the house as promised

We avoid buying materials by hiring subcontractors as our painters instead of painters as employees. Subcontractors carry their own materials and equipment, and you agree on a set price for the job instead of paying hourly.

We go into more details on all of these topics in future videos.

You can get our entire Painting Business Pro training course here:

In our course, you’ll learn proven business systems for every aspect of this business. These systems are the same systems used to build our business, which has no crossed ,000,000 in annual revenues and on track to nearly double that in 2018.

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