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When deciding to paint your new house or repaint your home, you need to consult with your Painting Contractor in your area.

Knowing the square footage of your interior painting project determines the amount of paint to buy. The recommended amount of paint needed is one gallon for every 400 square feet.
You may need more paint if the surface of your painting area is rough and unprimed.

Your paint finish ranges from flat, matte, eggshell, shiny or high-gloss.

Knowing the right finish that matches your furniture can really make a difference especially when it comes to highlighting the areas of your room.

Always choose to buy appropriate rollers and brushes that suits your painting project needs. Rollers will depend on the paint’s viscosity and you also need to consider the texture of your wall.

Brushes are best used for angles and corners that are hard to reach that needs detailed painting job.

Use drop cloths or used old sheets instead of plastic to cover and protect the painting area from splatters and unnecessary hard to remove drips.

Wear appropriate clothing for painting. You will definitely get paint on you somewhere. You can focus more on your painting job on this matter.

Clean the walls, ceilings and all the areas that needed paint. You always do want a clean finish after you paint right. Use an old paint brush to dust off the surface or damp cloth to wipe it off the dirt.

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