A paint job can modify the aspect of your home completely. And this is not all. It also increases the price value of your home, protects it from dangerous elements and it adds many years of life on the long-term. If at first the idea of hiring someone to do the job might seem great, in time you will notice that the cost might get pretty spicy, especially if you don’t know too much about painting. Thus, having a basic knowledge on residential house painting can be a really useful thing. It will help you understand the various aspects involved and explain the quotes offered by various painters.

There are two main areas involved when it comes to residential house painting: exterior and interior. As you probably expect, they differ quite a lot when it comes to equipment, materials, work techniques etc.


Who does not like the interior job, which seems the easiest one? In this case the repairs needed do not have to be done as often as the ones of the exterior. So, painting the interior will not be a frequent job. And if in the area of choice the traffic is not intense or if the paint is of good quality, painting might not even be needed. Since it is pretty simple, many house owners decide to do the paining by themselves.


Inside, the things that require painting are the walls, the ceiling, the windows, trims and even the floor in some situations. However, the hardest part is represented by the preparation. This can really make or break the painting job you want to do. When it comes to preparation, the first things to inspect are the areas that require reparation. Once you have identified them, start repairing (filling holes, leveling off surfaces etc.). After finishing this task, you can begin to sand the wood and apply the primer (this is necessary for the paint to adhere). Every type of paint comes with a special primer, so choose wisely!

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