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House painters in The Woodlands TX, providing residential painting services, both interior and exterior. By hiring Raul’s Painting Team, your space will be customized to fit your specific needs. Our highly experienced crew is equipped to satisfy your painting needs within your home improvement budget. Start Your Next Project with a Free, On-Site Estimate. Click Here for a full list of areas we service in North and Northwest Houston.

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You’ll definitely will find what you are looking for in our complete list of Exterior and Interior Painting Services.

From prep, priming and painting related repair/replacement services, from specialty coating to complimentary color consultation, we are the painting company for all your painting needs.

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Don’t know what painters to trust in The Woodlands TX area? You want to find someone who will treat you like family and offer reasonable rates? Well you’re in luck. Raul’s company does just that! His company specializes in interior and exterior house painting services. Call 713-597-5217 to schedule your free estimate today.

Exterior painting is a delicate process that should only be left to the professionals. Some factors to consider when selecting color for home’s outside walls are location, color choices preferred by neighbors and prevailing weather patterns.

These points should always be considered when painting the home, or else it may color clash with other residences in the vicinity. Most home decorators study the interior design of houses before giving a fair conclusion on what they think the exterior should be.

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Popular outdoor exterior house painting schemes

Color schemes refer to a set of colors which look great when used together. Painters often combine different shades which they believe would blend well with each other. Nevertheless, the experts should get acquainted with all the basic type of schemes available such as complementary, monochromatic, adjacent and triadic. Though these are the known and tested painting versions, there are more exterior house painting designs which are yet to be explored.

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1. Monochromatic style. This technique involves using one color, but blending the light or darker shades of that tint to create a subtle effect. The design works exceptionally well in homes within a conservative area.

2. Complementary color pattern. It combines matching colors to create feeling and effect. When using this artwork, painters often apply a primary color and another harmonizing shade to give more emphasis. Some experts believe that sharp and distinct contrasts should be made when using this technique, so that more aesthetic value can be reached.

Mistakes should be avoided when undertaking this home improvement process. After completion, the residence must appear unique and have a consistent texture.

The first step in exterior house painting is wall preparation, paint will not hold onto dirt or a rough surface. Therefore, homeowners should ensure that the wall is in good condition before applying paint. If there are any cracks, crevices or holes they need to be repaired prior to commencement.

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To remove any debris, the simplest option would be washing it away with some clean warm water. Pressure washing would be more appropriate for this process. Moreover, a small paint scraper can be used to remove loose, old or cracked paint remains from the surface.

Characteristics of exterior house painting finishes

Most paints used for outer walls have been designed to withstand constant widening and contraction, which are often caused from changes in weather patterns. Some of them have special material that prevents growth of mold on the surface. Presently, there are only two categories of exterior house painting shades which are alkyd or latex paints.

Nonetheless, latex based products are more common since they often give the wall an attractive porous look, plus they don’t trap any moisture content thus making the finishing more durable.

This material is also simple to clean but homeowners should be careful not to apply bleach, since it may corrode the wall surface. The larger wall surface should be applied with light shades while the trims are better off with dark colors.

With an appropriate combination of color, one can come up with an amazing home exterior that would draw more attention. During the painting process, most experts start by spreading a minimal amount of primer coat onto the surface.

This helps in ensuring that the paint lasts longer. Before calling in an expert for exterior house painting, it’s recommendable to check up on the prevailing weather patterns. It can be futile to work on a wall only for the rain to wash it all away.

Exterior paints can be divided into three special finishes which are semi-gloss, gloss and flat. Glossy shades often give the home a bright look, though such a wall should be well maintained since defects can be quite visible.

Moreover, some people prefer using semi-gloss paint on one part and full gloss on the other. This adds more color and variety to the overall surface appearance.

Interpretation of color and paint in exterior house painting

Light shades tend to give the house a bigger look, while dark ones offer the residence a smaller appearance. Another demerit of dark colors is they tend to fade after a while.

Home owners are advised not to apply one tint for the whole exterior surface. Exterior house painting should be done in different shades to add some contrast.

Depending on amount of curves found in a home, one can use various colors and highlight their intricacies.

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House Painting Tips – Residential Painting Services

Are you planning to paint your house’s exterior or interior in the near future?

In truth, we always recommend choosing residential painting services to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

But you may choose to attempt to perform this task on your own. And that is obviously your right, so we’ll do everything that we can to help you along with the process.

Today we plan to share expert house painting tips with all of our readers.

By the time you are through, you’ll know some of the best tricks of the trade that we would normally just keep to ourselves.

Since we want our readers to have the best experience whether they hire us to perform services or not, we’ve decided to freely give away our best painting tips and tricks today.

Let’s take a look at them now in no particular order.

Top 5 Painting Tips and Tricks

interior painters The Woodlands The quality of your paintbrushes matters – if you plan to paint your house on the interior or the exterior, investing in a top quality brush is going to ensure you have the best experience possible during the painting process.

It’s a huge job to paint the interior or exterior of your home, but it also provides great rewards as well. So you have to invest in the best tools possible to make sure that the job goes over well. The greatest way to do this is to invest in top-quality paintbrushes.

exterior painters The Woodlands Utilize paint stores to choose the best colors and quantities – if you have never painted the interior or exterior of a house, it’s going to be difficult to determine a couple of important things that you need to consider before starting.

First of all, you’ll want to choose the best colors for your home. If you’re having a difficult time deciding on the right colors, you can always ask the professionals at the paint store to help you make the determination based on certain factors that need to be considered.

Second, you may not know the right quantities of paint to buy so that you have enough to make sure that you can fully paint your home on the inside or the outside.

exterior paint The Woodlands

The paint store professionals will know exactly how to determine the amount of paint that you’ll need and they can help you with this aspect of the paint buying process.

top painting company in The Woodlands Use professional painting techniques to paint like a pro – instead of painting like an average and ordinary person, it’s important to learn professional painting techniques so that your home looks like it was painted by a professional.

Some of the main techniques to learn include “laying on”, “laying off”, avoiding lap marks, avoiding brush marks, avoiding drips, sags, and runs, as well as learning professional cutting techniques.

If you can learn how to use all of these wonderful techniques, your home will look like it was painted by a pro. If for some reason you’re having a difficult time painting your Conroe house, we highly recommend calling on the professionals.

Your home is a huge investment and painting it correctly will make a difference in the way that it looks as well as the overall worth of your home.

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