Painting Outside Of House

4 steps to painting the exterior of a house. How to paint a house explained in this simple 4 step process. Learn how to paint your house in just 11 minutes. House painting tips for the DIY home owner and the home and garden lover. No time to snowboard now just time to paint your house.

How to Prep the House:

Clean your house first (pressure washing process).

Prep the outside surface – Priming, sanding and Caulking (nail heads) to make your paint last a long time.
Sanding the outside door jams using the sand eater (tool).

Caulk the back side of the fascia boards around the house.

You’ll want to caulk the soffit vents and corner boards too. This step can help them from falling out over time. Recommend using primer on any bare wood around the outside of the home and anywhere you had to do any sanding. Use the primer on trim and batting boards too.

Then it’s paint day … we need to start the masking process. We use paper and plastic to get the outside area ready for painting. We use the 9 inch paper with 1 inch 20/20 tape on any roof lines to avoid getting any over-spray on the roof. We mask all the windows off to prevent the over spray from getting on the glass.

We mask garage doors and the ground or concrete slab area. We will mask off any brick, rock or veneer siding. Mask off vinyl, wood or metal fences near the area we will be using the airless spray painter. Mask the threshold of doors. Mask door knobs and locks too. We’ll use a drop cloth to protect any over spray from getting onto the concrete (patios, walkways, foundation slab).

What to paint first:
1. Body of the house
2. Fascia and gutters
3. Window and door trim

House painting hacks

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